emicert feat


The EMISoft software for EMICERT was implemented. The aim of the project was to create an integrated solution that will manage the whole process of greenhouse gas emissions certification under the EU Emission Trading System. Accredited users can register and control all the data required to verify the reported GHG emissions of their customers.


Design: A user-friendly UI has been designed with an emphasis on direct data entry and information gathering from accredited users. The application is responsive to be accessed from any device (fixed computers, mobile devices) and from any modern web browser.

Data Checks: Many algorithms have been deployed in the application to perform multiple checks on data imported by users. In this way, it is possible for users to perform multiple checks by minimizing the likelihood of error before sending the data to the audit authorities.

Administration Update: The application gives the Company the ability to provide detailed information about the completion rate of each job and the stage it is in. As a result, team efficiency increases and troubleshooting becomes simpler before they cause problems for the company.

User Management: Three user roles with different access rights are distinguished in the system: Application managers, Managers (executives of the company), Accredited users.