MoTivo is a modern Web Document and Workflow Management System. It is designed to be simple and user friendly and can be accessed through any Web browser without the need of any local and painful software installation. MoTivo can be deployed on cloud or on premises installations.


MoTivo provides an easy and quick way for the assignment of documents to various departments of an Organization. Document assignment can be carried out automatically via predefined document types or manually by authorized users with initial assignment actions.


MoTivo supports monitoring of workflows in real time. Provides detailed information about time and duration data for all the events of a document lifecycle. User assignments, document processing, document assignment completion, secondary actions and Organization-Wide events.


MoTivo can store any type of document. It is built for fast document searching using multiple criteria on document, metadata properties and full text search indexes.


MoTivo is designed to be fully functional on all modern devices and all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android).
MoTivo supports multiple document folders used by different groups of people. It provides various options of document categorization, the attachment of multiple types of files as metadata and the assignment of documents to users, user groups and job categories for data processing.


Processes consist of various intermediate stages that users have to follow in order to complete pending assignments. User roles are provided through organization chart, user groups and special constructs that can be defined in MoTivo.


MoTivo supports multiple types of notifications for all application events. Users can receive E-Mail, SMS, Push and real time Web notifications without wasting any time looking for updated information. As a result, it maximizes user efficiency and productivity.


MoTivo provides complete and valuable statistical and analytical data for all user activities and for all of the stages of document and process management. It allows Organizations to make important decisions and planning their strategy based on hard data and not on intuition.


MoTivo is fully compliant with digital signatures (USB Token, eIDAS).

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MoTivo is an indispensable tool for the intelligent and effective Document & Workflow Management for Organizations of all sizes.