software development


Test Computers, have developed process management applications, industry applications, e-commerce applications, has the expertise to develop the most demanding applications.

Test Computers can implement web applications, mobile apps, native and hybrid applications. The main implementation platform is the ASP .NET.


Test Computers offers computer equipment maintenance (PCs, servers, networking equipment) and user support services. The company has service contracts with large Organizations including data center support, installation -uninstallation of operating systems, VM creation, domain configuration, backup setting, PC and network addressing, firewall configuration, VPN, e.t.c.. Test Computers can support any kind of IT installation.


Test Computers provides network services such us:

  • Study, design and implementation of integrated data networks (Cable infrastructure, PAN, Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN)
  • Study, design and implementation of network security (using S / W firewalls and / or H / W firewalls)
  • Network operation support (management, maintenance, helpdesk, remote services, documentation)


Test Computers provides the full range of Microsoft Azure services such as Virtual Machine, SQL Database, Storage, Backup, Site Recovery, Active Directory, IoT Hub to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Whether it’s a website hosting, web applications for multiple simultaneous users, a database transfer or cloud files transfer, Test Computers can plan the smooth transition of your business into the new Cloud era.


Test Computers provides document digitization services including:

  • Document scanning (all dimensions supported)
  • Book scanning
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning technology that can identify the words through text
  • Supply of a specialized electronic archiving application and customization according to customer’s needs
  • Digital material Metadata Importing